Программы для судебно-медицинских экспертов


Estimation of the time since death (by rectal temperature, C. Henssge)

Time since death calculator.

Body weight:

(10...200 kg)

Ambient temperature:

(-10...+35 °C)

Body temperature:

(0...+37.2 °C)

Correction factor:

Date of measurement: day month year
Time of measurement: hour min

Warning: The creators and developers of the site and the program do not accept any responsibility for the calculation results and their implications.


Calculations are carried out by a formula Brown & Marshall in modification C. Henssge (Henssge, C., and B. Madea. Estimation of the time since death in the early post-mortem period. Forensic science international 144.2 (2004): 167-175.).


Ambient temperature up to 23C°.

(Trectum - Tambient) / (37.2 - Tambient) = 1.25 eB×t - 0.25 e5×B×t

  • t - post-mortem interval (h);
  • Trectum - rectal temperature (C°);
  • Tambient - ambient temperature (C°);


Ambient temperature above 23C°.

(Trectum - Tambient) / (37.2 - Tambient) = 1.11 eB×t - 0.11 e10×B×t

  • t - post-mortem interval (h);
  • Trectum - rectal temperature (C°);
  • Tambient - ambient temperature (C°);


B = 1.2815*((k×M)-0.625) + 0.0284,


  • k - correction factor for cooling conditions deviating from standard;
  • M - body weight (kg).


Where the Henssge method must not be used:

  • - strong radiation (sun, heater, cooling system);
  • - repeated extensive climatic changes;
  • - uncertain severe changes of the cooling conditions during the period between the time of death and examination;
  • - the place where the body was found is not the same as the place of death;
  • - suspicion of general hypothermia.


See also Estimation of the time since death (by brain temperature, C. Henssge).


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Программы для судебно-медицинских экспертов

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